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Amazing Video Genesis Bonus Site

While researching Video Production, Video Optimization and Video Marketing online I stumbled Upon one site that stands out.

It is At this site they talk about the product producers Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime, and their new product launch called Video Genesis.

In the site they link out to a YouTube video that has the two producers, Andy and Mike discussing the Video Genesis product launch. It is the Best Video Genesis Review and Bonus video out there.

According to Video Genesis Video Training the new product will include the following:

The Video Genesis Training will include:

The Critical 13 Styles of Video Marketing.

Exactly when to use a specific style to get the Most Traffic, the Most Subscribers, and the Highest Conversions.

How to use Combinations of the Critical 13 to maximize your marketing results.

Mike and Andy’s personal tips, tricks, and proven processes for:

– Choosing your Video-Making Technology, including:

– Cameras

– Microphones

– Software

– Lights

– Our Video Production Flow and Design.

Plus How We Structure Our Video Messages and Scripts so that we maximize our visitors attention and invisibly influence and enhance their own desire to consume our products.

This is a nothing held back, Behind-the-Scenes training course. There is no-fluff or general ideas. You’ll be shown What We Do, What Settings We Use, How We Create and Deploy, and shown how to put it together for efficient results.

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If you can, visit to find out more about the Video Genesis product, the Video Genesis product launch, and the product video and launch dates.